Wednesday, August 23 2006

unpack initrd, initramfs, igz

一般的 initrd文件用下面命令就可以解开了 $zcat initrd |cpio -div 但是有些不行,是2个合起来的,可以用下面这个脚本来解 当你做完修改以后,可以用下面命令来重建 # cd irfs-dir # find . -print | cpio -o -H newc > ../initramfs # cd .. (if you want) # gzip initramfs  […]

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从 initrd 到 Initramfs

Jim Gifford wrote: > Question: Initramfs is going to replace initrd, but I haven't seen > anyone explain how to copy modules that are built during the build > process moved into the initramfs archive. Has somebody done, this or is > this still a work in progress? Easy. 1) Unpack a  […]

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