Sunday, April 4 2010

The Postal Service《Such Great Heights》

I am thinking it's a sign That the freckles in our eyes Are mirror images and When we kiss they're perfectly aligned And I have to speculate That God himself did make us into Corresponding shapes like puzzles pieces From the clay True, it may seem like a stretch But it's thoughts like this That  […]

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Saturday, September 19 2009

Depeche Mode Day

I want somebody to share Share the rest of my life Share my innermost thoughts Know my intimate details Someone who'll stand by my side And give me support And in return She'll get my support She will listen to me When I want to speak About the world we live in And life in general Though my views  […]

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Sunday, July 19 2009

What Are You To Me

(Day dream...) Day dream...(day dream...) So many times i've overflowed So many faces come and go I play my cards into the sun and try to work out What you are to me To me Been here before A million open doors Only one will set me free So i fall against the wall And try to work out What  […]

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Wednesday, June 17 2009

Fake Plastic Trees

Her green plastic watering can For her fake Chinese rubber plant In the fake plastic earth. That she bought from a rubber man In a town full of rubber plans To get rid of itself. It wears her out, it wears her out It wears her out, it wears her out. She lives with a broken man A cracked polystyrene  […]

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Tuesday, May 26 2009


They wanted me here Just to show you my face But when it comes to the crunch I just hide in disgrace You're calling me mad But i know you're the same Cause you got to be seen to be playing the game Yes we got to be seen to be playing, the game It ain't gonna hurt now If you open up your eyes You're  […]

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