July 2009 (6)

Tuesday, July 28 2009

Coraline - 梦境

其奇异和恐慌就是我曾熟悉的梦境 小的时候特别能做梦,而且每天晚上都会做好几个,还是噩梦居多,奇怪从来没有惊醒,因此也是备受折磨,无法逃出。  […]

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Sunday, July 19 2009

What Are You To Me

(Day dream...day dream...) Day dream...(day dream...) So many times i've overflowed So many faces come and go I play my cards into the sun and try to work out What you are to me To me Been here before A million open doors Only one will set me free So i fall against the wall And try to work out What  […]

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Friday, July 17 2009


不会飞的猪,是没用的猪 空贼都这么天真的?呵呵。 引擎声让我想起前两天上班路上看到低空飞行的那些战斗机,带着巨大的轰鸣呼啸而过,撕裂长空。

Friday, July 10 2009


童话在继续, 关于这一切,通通都猜错。

Thursday, July 9 2009


这里,有童话。 那里,有一天发现自己是玩偶?

Sunday, July 5 2009

My life Rate

This Is My Life, RatedLife: 6.1Mind: 5.7Body: 7.6Spirit: 7.5Friends/Family: 3.5Love: 1.5Finance: 6.8Take the Rate My Life Quiz